The Invenity Cosmic

The E-Being
Experience the culmination of our immersive 4-hour photography workshop, where students delve into the fundamentals of camera operation and storytelling. Through hands-on learning, participants gain practical experience in photography and receive real credits for their contributions to our collaborative project. This introductory workshop serves as a gateway to the world of photography, offering invaluable exposure and opportunities for budding photographers to kickstart their portfolios.

Racetrack Mayhem
In this thrilling short film documentary, three friends embark on an exhilarating race on a new track. Their competitive spirits drive them to push their limits, but the treacherous course proves too much for two of them, who crash in their ambitious quest for victory. Only one friend makes it to the finish line, teaching a vital lesson about the importance of taking it easy and prioritizing safety. Through Ana's creative direction and storytelling skills, viewers are taken on an adventurous and cautionary tale. With guidance from V2Gmultimedia, Ana brings this exciting narrative to life, highlighting the power of creativity and collaboration in the art of storytelling.

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