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Thadd Ross

Enter the cosmic realm of the Invenity Cosmic Biosphere and meet Thadd Ross, the Maestro of Melodies. From humble beginnings in his mother's garage to mastering the art of sound engineering at supreme levels, Thadd's beats are a force of nature themselves, resonating with the very fabric of reality.


Cymarshall Law

Meet Cymarshall Law, the Super MC of the Invenity Cosmic Biosphere. Born from Jamaican heritage and raised in the urban rhythm of New Jersey, Cymar emerged as a prodigy in the world of Hip Hop. With unwavering determination and an indomitable spirit, he uses his lyrical prowess to combat negativity and spread messages of unity and empowerment. Join him on his cosmic journey as he defends the purity of Hip Hop against the forces of darkness.



Explore the cosmic journey of Rhymageddon, the lyrical prodigy born from the essence of Hip Hop itself. Raised amidst the echoes of classic beats and rhythms, Rhymageddon honed his skills to become a guardian of the genre, wielding his words as weapons against corruption. Delve into his origin story and the cosmic battles he faces to preserve the sanctity of Hip Hop.


Rob Nice

Rob Nice, also known as Rap Seminar, is a legendary figure in the realm of Hip Hop, a beacon of authenticity and artistic integrity. As one of the last surviving members battling against the forces of anti-Hip Hop, he roams the desolate streets of forgotten cities, seeking to reignite the flames of the Golden Era of art, music, and culture.

Eloh Kush.jpeg

Eloh Kush

Step into the realm of the Invenity Cosmic Biosphere and journey with Eloh Kush, a divine messenger of Hip Hop enlightenment. Born amidst the tumultuous energy of Exit 9, Eloh Kush rises as a beacon of harmony, using his music to transmute negativity into healing vibrations.



Immerse yourself in the cosmic journey of Checkarelli, the fiery guardian of the Invenity Cosmic Biosphere. Born of fire and spirit, Checkarelli invokes the ancient spirits passion and creativity to combat the forces of destruction. With a fierce passion and unwavering determination, he seeks to restore balance to the universe and inspire others to rise with the same intensity.

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Enter one dimension of the Invenity Cosmic Biosphere and greet I90N, the enigmatic guardian of the metal veil. Born of ancient mysteries and shrouded in legend, I90N is a forgotten warrior who traverses the boundaries between light and darkness, using his unearthly powers to maintain balance in a universe teetering on the edge of chaos.


Napoleon Da Legend

Born from the cosmic energies that bind the universe, Napoleon is a beacon of wisdom, leadership, and unity. Explore his extraordinary journey across the cosmos, where he unites beings from diverse worlds and fosters harmony amidst diversity. Discover the power of his words and writings as he awakens the inherent unity that binds all life together. This enlightening glimpse into the profound essence of Napoleon Da Legend in the Invenity Cosmic Biosphere will be like anything you've ever experienced.

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Arsun F!st

Meet Arsun F!st, a cosmic entity born from the rhythm of hip-hop's golden era. With origins rooted in the resilience of the Geto Boys' iconic track, "Mind is Playing Tricks on Me," Arsun F!st embodies the spirit of rising against adversity. In the cosmic realms, he stands as a beacon of strength and determination, ready to face any challenge with a mix of humility and unwavering resolve. Arsun F!st's music carries the message of resilience and peace, urging all to find their inner strength and stand tall in the face of darkness.

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Skrewtape, known also as Skrewdini, is an enigmatic and masterful wordsmith in the realm of Hip Hop. With roots stemming from the raw energy of Onyx's "Slam," Skrewtape's journey through the genre's golden era has shaped his unique style. His unparalleled skill and creativity, showcased in his magician-like wordplay and flow, have earned him a revered place in the Invenity Cosmic Biosphere.

Venomous2000 Boogierez Photoshoot 2015-9.jpg

Venomous2000 (Ahnantiahnazhe-Heru)

Within the celestial corridors of the Invenity Cosmic, Venomous2000 emerges as a cosmic guardian, a force that transcends time and space to maintain the delicate balance of existence. Born from the depths of creative resonance, he embodies the essence of harmony and enlightenment. Beyond the realms of mere mortal existence, Venomous2000's journey traverses galaxies, weaving together the threads of light and darkness, good and evil. With each verse and melody, he channels the cosmic energies to awaken souls and ignite the flames of transformation. In the grand tapestry of the cosmos, Venomous2000 stands as a beacon of cosmic wisdom, guiding seekers on a voyage of self-discovery and universal understanding.

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DJ SPIN, the maestro of the turntables hailing from Belgium, is a visionary force in the cosmic realm of HipHop. With masterful skill and boundless creativity, he weaves intricate rhythms and beats that resonate across galaxies, uniting beings from all walks of existence in the cosmic dance of harmony. As an internationally renowned DJ and beat juggler, DJ SPIN's music transcends boundaries, serving as a beacon of light in the darkness and a testament to the transformative power of HipHop.

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